Have You Seen These Flappy Bird Game Modes?

It's hard to forget the challenging yet simple app that made headlines. In early 2014, Flappy Bird quickly became the number one downloaded application in the App Store and Google Play Store. After a short rise to fame, the game was mysteriously removed from the app stores by it's creator Dong ...

How Much Money Did Flappy Bird Make

Flappy Bird is one of the most beloved games of all times, apart from being fairly simple the game is a lot harder to play than it seems. As you go through the game and the levels get a lot harder than it looks, one single click and you will find yourself in the beginning. An absolute thriller ...

Flappy Bird Is Still The Best Mobile Game of 2020

A Vietnamese video game that took over the internet with a storm! It's simple yet challenging structure had players clinging onto their cell phone for hours, trying to fly their way to create the top score. Even with harsh graphics, Flappy Bird made its way to the top of the tier, as it appealed ...