Have You Seen These Flappy Bird Game Modes?

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It’s hard to forget the challenging yet simple app that made headlines. In early 2014, Flappy Bird quickly became the number one downloaded application in the App Store and Google Play Store. After a short rise to fame, the game was mysteriously removed from the app stores by it’s creator Dong Nguyen.

Many people across the globe were still craving their Flappy Bird fix. Apple users with iPhones that still had the application downloaded on their device quickly became worth a lot of money. Some iPhones would sell at upwards of $1000 USD. It was impossible to resist the satisfaction of flapping your bird through as many pipes as possible.

Can you still play Flappy Bird?

The good news is that these days you can play Flappy Bird online for free on any device. This includes both computers and any mobile device or tablet. Not only can you play Flappy Bird for free, but there is also new game modes available. These were designed to test your flapping skills and help you practice more efficiently. Let’s briefly go over these new Flappy Bird game modes:

Easy Mode

Easy Mode was designed to help you improve your flap skills. The pipes have more space in between them so that you are much less likely to flap your bird into one. This results in far less raging and frustration commonly associated with playing the original game.

Frenzy Mode

In Frenzy Mode, all of the pipes are very close together. The pipes are also easier to flap through than on regular mode. This way you can achieve a much higher score with less flapping effort.

Flappy Mario

The idea of Flappy Mario is very simple. It’s Flappy Bird, except you’re playing as Mario instead. This game mode is on the same challenge settings as the original Flappy Bird game.

Flappy Kombat

What better scheme to flap your bird through pipes in than a Mortal Kombat theme? This game mode features your bird as a Mortal Kombat style bird flapping through the Living Forest map. Be sure to not hit any pipes, or you might suffer a FATALITY!

Flappy Smash

Flappy Smash is the ultimate relief to your Flappy Bird frustrations. You get to smash Flappy Birds into pieces using spiked pipes. You should consider this game mode not rated E for everyone, as there is quite a bit of violence involved.

Don’t forget that you can submit your highscore on any of these game modes. Test yourself against the rest of the world to see who can flap the farthest through pipes. Or you could just always smash birds instead, it’s completely up to you!

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