Flappy Bird Is Still The Best Mobile Game of 2020

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A Vietnamese video game that took over the internet with a storm! It’s simple yet challenging structure had players clinging onto their cell phone for hours, trying to fly their way to create the top score. Even with harsh graphics, Flappy Bird made its way to the top of the tier, as it appealed to individuals for every age group.

Something enjoyable that while it was the highlight for millions of players, unfortunately, the game was pulled by its creator. Boosting its demand even more than before, that leads us to many clones – some of which are exceptional. Creating new versions based on the same concept he brought forward the ultimate choice – A Battle Royal.

Flappy royale came out a few months ago, and is completely free of charge! Available on both App Store and Play Store the game is a battle between 99 players fighting to fly the farthest. Imagine playing against 99 players from all around the world, with a single goal to beat them all!

While deemed silly by many Flappy Bird holds a special place in the gaming market, that is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Its simplistic character goes through a thrilling experience, pulling you in with every wing flap; where a single wrong tap can end your journey.

Why Flappy Royale

Flappy Royal is inspired by top-ranking games such as Fortnite and Battleground. Flying in with 99 others you get thrown into a setting that is almost identical to the Flappy Bird game – without the faded out ghosts surrounding you.

In reality, you get the classic flappy bird with a generational twist. Something that captures the attention of the masses, keeping them amused and busy for hours to come. While controlling the bird is still difficult, it comes with added charms such as the sound and display of players dying around you.

There is a great chance that 50% of the players don’t make it past the first gate. However, you will have to reach gate 8 or gate 9 to cut down the number to 3 to 6 players. Making each round feel quick yet hyper without losing tension and drama. Trying to fight all urges and keep your eye on the little bird flapping away.

Essential Battle Royal

Creating battle royal games is the way to success, as you give players a chance to prove they are the best at a global level. Offering them a sense of pride and accomplishment as they work their way through the ranks.

There are many that argue that the battle royal concept has been played out, but some of the most played and enjoyed games in the world are those based on the battle royal concept. Bringing an online gaming touch to your palms, that you can enjoy no matter where you are. Finally, a simple way to offer the masses a taste of the future of gaming.

By creating a battle royal version of Flappy Bird creators have knocked the ball out of the park. An idea that brings you together as one, while keeping the content light and enjoyable. While there will be a few hotheads every now and then, but the thrill-packed in this self-explanatory game keeps you coming back for another round.

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